Instant Vintage 668 By Projekt Alternative 100ml
Instant Vintage 668 By Projekt Alternative 100ml
Instant Vintage 668 By Projekt Alternative 100ml
Instant Vintage 668 By Projekt Alternative 100ml

Instant Vintage 668 By Projekt Alternative 100ml

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150 bottles Only!
Instant Vintage(LIDGE) 75% Topped Up with 25% Grand Nuit (Soir)!
Absolutely Stunning from First Spray Itself Full of Amber , Saffron , Spices and Citruses.
Drydown is Cocoa , Patchouli
And Base is Coffee and Vanilla
@2500/- Shipping Starts -01 November!
Booking Link going live Tom. , time not decided yet.
We sold 300+ Alexa in FLAT 10 Days.
This one gonna be quick gone , as I experimented with coffee and patchouli .. some failed attempts tested with Mridul Sethi
Me Myself being avid fan of LIDGE , it worked out pretty quick.
Like I never liked Aventus , but testing Alexa was the Biggest Challenge due to world top seller Contenders like CDNMI/silverAfnan /Cedrat Boise / Pineapple Vintage And Baap Of all “Poseidon’s Elixir 2.0” which was vaulted an year back and people still have a bottle to compare .
More Regression ; More Time
This one I absolutely Love to present!
Story behind:
"Instant Vintage" was obvious choice of name for "L'Instant De Guerlain Extreme" ALTERNATIVE.
I was Bit Confused with Art Work , I checked out almost every civilizations vintage artifacts , But nothing was working.
One fine day , i revisited the Youth! Years.
And this is what I Discovered!
In every gully of Udaipur you can spot a similar painting made with Coloured Stone Mineral "Chuna" added with natural occuring colors like "Soil" , "Flowers" and "Minerals" .
As it belongs to World's best Heritage places to Visit.
A Culture Rich in Flora, Fauna, Colors! , Legends and a lot of Stories.
The Flaky background of art work depicts old flaky wall which we can still spot in Old City of every New City.
Tribute to Maharana Pratap and rich cultural heritage of Mewar and at the same time tribute to a hard to find vintage perfume which is not to be found at even 10x cost.
"L'Instant D Guerlain Extreme"
By House of Guerlain which carries 190 Years old Perfumery heritage.
And 478 years of Rajputana History,
Making it
"Instant Vintage" - 668 (190+478)s