Guerlain Tonka Imperiale India

Guerlain Tonka Imperial Eau De Parfum

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About Guerlain Tonka Imperial: Top Notes: Bergamot, Bitter Almond, RosemaryHeart Notes: Jasmine, Tonka Bean, TobaccoBase Notes: Pine, CedarType: Eau De ParfumClassification: Aromatic, Balsamic, SweetRecommended use: Day & NightYear Introduced: 2010 _ •À_ About Tonka Bean Imperial: Guerlain Tonka Imperial, the name says it all. It has hints of Tonka bean in it that overcome the rest of the hints like Bergamot, Bitter Almonds and Pine with Cedar. It's very light and addicting. If you're into classy, seductive fragrances, this one is definitely the right match!Perfumer's Name: Thierry WasserHeadquartered: Website: www.guerlain.comEstablishment Year: 2009Mother Company: FOX L&MOther Top Sellers: Guerlain Idylle, Guerlain La Petite Rob noireBuy Original Niche Perfume Guerlain Tonka Imperial in India at lowest price, Niche Perfumery India offers best deals on Niche perfumes in India.