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Discover Rose - Our Selection of Top Five Rose Scents

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Discover Rose - Our Selection of Top Five Rose ScentsRose as a Note could be labeled as "Schizophrenic" - IN West Rose is Feminine In East its Most Masculine Note.Hence Rose is a Multifacet Note and a Modern Man does not Shy away from Wearing a Rose Base Fragrance.Projekt Perfumery Brings the Discovery Set Of Best Rose Fragrances at your Doorstep before you decide your Signature Rose Scent.# 1 - Noir De Noir By Tom Ford# 2 - PHI Rose De Kandhar By Tauer / Incense Rose By Tauer (Depending on Availability)#3 - Aoud Wild Rose By Mancera#4 - Taif Roses By Montale#5 - Calligraphy Rose By AramisBuy Top Rose Based Niche Fragrances Online in India at Projekt Perfumery India's Official Website