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Discover House of Kerosene - Set of 10 Top Selling Kerosene Fragrances

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Hello India!We're very excited to be offering our scents in India through Projekt Perfumery! Our fragrances are unapologetic, bold and unique, and our bottles are individually hand-crafted. Every bottle is hand-painted, and each label is hand-stamped by the fragrance creator John Pegg. We're looking forward to reaching out to new scent fans in India!KeroseneProjekt Perfumery Launches House of Kerosene in India , House of Kerosene Offers Ground Breaking Indie Scents Inspired from Industrial Environment.Kerosene Fragrances Blends Earthy, Fruity and Floral Elements and Result is Untamed Powerful Scent which will Be with your For Long Hours.Discover Kerosene Fragrances Set Includes:Kerosene R'Oud ElementsKerosene Broken TheoriesKerosene UnforsakenKerosene Pretty MachineKerosene Fields Of RubusKerosene CreatureKerosene Black VinesKerosene Dirty Flower FactoryKerosene Copper SkiesKerosene Wood HavenAll Comes in 5ml Glass Spray Vial with Labels.