Its All About the Notes!

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Whenever we read about perfumes either on manufacture's site, E Commerce site or Review Sites we often came across few terminologies. For a newbie it would be little tough to interpret , In this post we will be discussing about these terminologies such as notes.

What are Notes:

The Closest Analogy to Notes in Perfumes is Notes in Music , Like Music is Composed of Notes(Sa,Re,Ga,Ma,Pa,Dha,Ni,Sa) the Perfumes are also Composed of Notes namely Top Notes , Mid or Heart Notes and Base Notes.

Notes in Perfumes signifies the Ingresients used by Perfumer while creating them.

Every Perfumery has a Diffrent Nose and Though attached while making a Perfumes. Hence , Every Perfumer has a Signature Notes.

Lets Take Example of Creed Fragrances, Every perfume will have a Common DNA(Notes) , What is it which acts like String connecting all Creed Fragrances. You smell a Fragrance and can Say its Definitely a Creed Creation. Its "Ambergris"

Top Notes:

Top Notes are Most Dominant Notes in Perfumes. Top Notes are the Notes which are  most noticable as soon as Perfume Touches your Skin(Or any Other Medium). Usually Top Notes are Dominant for 15 Minutes to 2 Hours Until Heart/Mid Notes comes to Action.

Mid Notes:

Mid Notes Fades In just after Top notes fades out , Mid notes are Major lasting Notes in any Perfume.

MId Notes Comes to action usually after 1 Hour of Wearing and Lasts for 6-8 hrs.

Some may call it Dry Down , i.e. When the Liquid Perfume Dries on your Skin.

The Dry Down is Term Defining Mid or Heart Notes.

Mid Notes are Called as Heart Notes as well, As these are the Heart of Any Perfume.

Base Notes:

Base notes are Ingredients which Binds all the Notes(Top and Mid) Together.

After say 6-8 Hrs of Wearing a perfume When you close smell Skin ,You are smelling the Base Notes.

Most common Base Notes are : Amber, Musk, Vanilla and Sandalwood(Depending what Perfumer Chose).


Thats all About the Notes Theory, Hope Next time when you read about any perfume you would be able to Interpret more Efficiently.



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