Top 10 Best Seller Perfumes for Men 2015

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In this Post we will be listing Top 10 Best Seller Men Perfumes of 2015, If you had been with us from more then an year you will find more then 50% of perfumes are same as Top 10 list last year.

These are in Random order and we have only considered sales and enquiries on our Point of Sales , Market figures may differ.

Enjoy the Read!


The Undisputed: Davidoff Coolwater For Men


Davidoff Coolwater is known as Entry Point to World of Designer Fragrances, Its Been on Top from a very long time and we can expect it to be there for many more Years.

Davidoff Coolwater for Men is a Very Versatile Fragrance and goes very well with Indian Climate.

Only Disadvantage wearing Coolwater is "You Dont want to smell like Every Alternate Guy"




Terre D Hermes



Another Versatile Fragrance which could be worn in all seasons is Terre D' Hermes By Hermes.

Terre D Hermes Open with Refreshing Notes of Orange and Bergamot.

Settles into Earthy Notes of Vetiver.

Its a Very Soothing Fragrance and does not Over powers.

Masculine Yet Gentle , It is Definitely a Gentlemen's Scent.



Nuit D' Issey By Issey Miyake


Issey Miyake has been into wall of glory for the fragrance L'eau D' Issey By Issey Miyake as a Ultimate Fresh Fragrance.

This Year the Woody Spicy Version of L'eau D Issey was one of preferred Fragrance.

Nuit D' Issey is a Blend of Spices, Leather and Incesne which will Definitely light up your Evening.

Ideal for Office Wear, Evening Wear and If you want to Impress someone special.




L'eau D Issey Miyake Pour Homme




The Ultimate Freshness of L'eau D Issey has been Undisputed since years.

And in 2015 L'eau D Issey has been Preferred Choice of 1000s of Users.

One Pattern has been noticed the People who love this stuff will mostly stick to this stuff.



Le Male By Jean Paul Gaultier



Classified as Oriental Fougere , Le Male is a very well balanced fragrance which is Gentle and Claims its Authority at the Same Time.

This is a fragrnace which will definitely make your presence felt, Wherever you are. Be it Office , Casual Outing or a Night Out This Stuff Never Fails.

Opens with notes of Mint and Bergamot which gives a Fresh Floral Opening which is quite Experimental compared to other Men Fragarances.

The Dry Down is what makes this Fragrance stand out with Notes of Cinnamon, Cumin,  Bergamot

What keeps all the Notes together is Vanilla and that is what makes this a Masterpiece, The Torso shaped bottle has the Best Vanilla Juice made tilld date.




Eros By Versace



Eros By Versace is the New Entry in Top 10 List, Classified as Aromatic Fougure Eros by Versace is a Very Modern Fragrance.

Eros is a Masculine Fragrance which is Aromatic Fresh, opens with Notes of Lemon and Mint Blended with Green Apple,

This Fragrance is all About Variantions , The Dry Down is majorly Tonka beans and Blend of Vanilla, Cedar , Oakmoss and Cedar.

A Must for people who dont Hesitate to Experiment , This one will definitely surprise you if you havent Tried it Yet.





Allure Homme Sport By Chanel



Allure Homme Sport was Out Top Fresh Fragrance Last Year, Every Top 10 List is Incomplete without Allure Homme Sport.

The Fragrance is King of Fresh Fragrances and this Smells Rich.

We are Falling short of words for this Masterpiece and there is already enough said about this one ,So lets move on to next.


1 Million and 1 Million Intense


The Club Master, This Fragrance will Get you Compliments and Tonnes of Compliments.

The Ultra Modern and the Seducer One Million just Got better with EDT Intense Version "1 Million Intense"





Man in Black By Bvlgari 



Bvlgari Man in Black was Most Awaited Fragrance by Customer , Launched in 2014 this has hit the Shelf by Beginning of 2015 and has been Top Seller.

Opens with Warm Notes of Leather and Spice , This Stuff Smells Expensive.

Available in Eau De Parfum and Eau De Parfum Intense(Pic Above).



Aoud Leather By Montale



2015 was the First time we have got Montale and Customer Feedback for Aoud Leather has been Overwhelming.

Claiming Longetivity of 12+ Hours and Unique Fragrance of Leather Blended with Aoud will Definitely remind you Expensive Leather Couch or Leather Seats of Million Dollar Car.

The Next Upgrade to Aoud Leather Costs 5 Times more and is the King "Tuscan Leather".

If you are Bored of Generic Fragrance and want to break the Wall , Push the Boundries and Go for Montale Aoud Leather.

Caution: Over Applying may be Fatal for people Around.




Hope you Enjoyed the Compilation , Next we will be Doing Top Sellers in Women Fragrances.

Do Post your comments in Comment Section Below. 

Pic Courtesy: Projekt Perfumery India - Shuarya Kiran Check them here



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