Unboxing- Ultra Zest By Thierry Mugler

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•Perfume House : Thierry Mugler

•Perfume : A* Men Ultra Zest

•Perfumers : Jacques Huclier, Quiton Bisch

Ultra Zest

Top- Blood/Red Orange, Tangerine, Ginger.

Mid- Coffee, Cinnamon,pepper.

Base- Vanilla, patchouli and Tonka .

Thierry Mugler caused a revolution in designer fragrances with its
A*Men series. The DNA of A*men which is now the trademark of this
line. A combination of patchouli, Coffee and vanilla.


Ultra Zest, was marked one of the best releases of 2015. It delivered
to justify its hype.


Ultra Zest was all about memories, it opens up with a blast of energy
in form of 'Oranges'. That Zesty, sharp opening which reminds us of
squeezed orange pulp, hits us from all the sides. The smell of freshly
sliced bright oranges or an Orange Ice Cream stick we used to smack
with delight as kids, memories such as these will come flooding in our
minds. This fragrance can easily be classified of having one of the
best openings in the fragrance world.


Sweet, bitter oranges combined with citrus notes in the opening then
makes way for the trademark A* Men DNA, where 'Vanilla' climbs up
quickly to mingle with the top notes, giving us a feel of creamy tangy

A hint of cinnamon can be traced but its very refined and often
camouflages with other strong notes. Similarly, pepper rises up the
ranks for a while giving sharpness to the top citrus notes and dies
quickly to lay the pavement for the strong base notes.


In the background coffee and patchouli also starts infusing and making
its presence felt. This is where Ultra Zest takes a turn in the
direction of other A*Men Juices. At dry down  it settles down into a
version of Pure Malt with some citrus. Again, it shoots you back to
your olfactive memories reminding you of other Thierry Mugler A*Men


Ultra Zest gives you the best of everything, it is unique enough to
explore as a flanker with its take on fresh oranges, which makes it
good enough for summers and perfect for 'spring'. At the same time
gives you the comfort of A*Men DNA with its combination of coffee,
vanilla and patchouli making it an equally good choice for cooler


" Ultra Zest is horses for all courses", This can work on almost every
setting possible and will work equally well in all seasons. "Spring
being the the season where it shines the most".


This will definitely get you noticed among the masses, as there are
only few Orange based fragrances in the designer fragrance market.
The performance on this one is also pretty good another reason to bag
a full bottle before it gets reformulated, No matter if you are a
beginner or a veteran in the fragrance game, this will please you and
will always hold a special place in your collection.


•Ratings :

•Smell : 10/10 (Unique at opening and familiar at dry down)
•Versatility : 10/10
•Longevity : 9/10 7-8 hrs
•Projection : 8/10
•Silage : 9/10


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