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A Strong and Warm Fragrance for Men by Rochas

Rochas Man Intense by the house of Rochas is a warm yet addictive fragrance for men, which entices and teases the sense with the fresh tones of bergamot and lavender, a pure and soothing heart of jasmine and Lilly of the valley and an enticing base of coffee, musk and vanilla. This intoxicating fragrance was designed by the famous perfumer Maurice Rousel and has ruled the hearts of perfume lovers all over the world for years. Launched in 1999. This scent has managed to earn a large number of admirers due to its alluring aura and longevity.

A Wonderful Blend of Earthy Ingredients

The fragrance consists of a mixture of extracts of musk, vanilla bergamot, lavender; jasmine, Lilly of the valley and sandalwood making it an extremely inviting and elegant fragrance that complements the personality of an easygoing, fun-loving man who likes to enjoy life while fulfilling his responsibilities.

The fragrance is a mixture of fresh rejuvenating tones and warm and sensual tones, which makes it perfect for daily use and serves as the appropriate fragrance for any time of the day or any event. Rochas Man Intense by Rochas is a fragrance that will surely make heads turn and compliments will flow your way.

Refreshing Top Notes

The head of Rochas Man Intense is made up of a mix of primarily two extracts namely bergamot and lavender. The sweetness and freshness of the bergamot make the head of the fragrance a refreshing and rejuvenating one while the acidic tinge of the balsamic lavender maintains the acidity and strength of a masculine scent an prevent the fragrance from becoming too soft and feminine.

This rather peculiar mix of two contrasting elements makes the head of the scent a unique and exciting one where the first whiff of the scent makes the user excited and full of energy while also reminding him of his strength and power. The top notes of the fragrance make it a perfect scent to start your day with as it provides a boost of energy and blast of freshness.

Smooth and Relaxing Heart Notes

The heart of the Rochas Man Intense is made up of a mix of extracts of jasmine Lilly of the valley and musk. The heart of the fragrance is thus a warm and inviting one and soothes the sense of the wearer as well as those around him as the top notes fade away, the heart notes make their appearance. They change the nature of the scent from a refreshing a bright one to a mellow and soothing one, which perfectly suits the time of the day while relaxes the wearer and helps with the stress and tension.

Warm and Inviting Base Notes

The base of the fragrance consists of extracts of coffee, vanilla, sandalwood and amber. The entire fragrance has a strong undertone of coffee and the reason behind that is the presence of coffee in the base of the scent. The presence of sandalwood and musk give the fragrance its characteristic masculine vigour and suave while the coffee provides the fragrance its uniqueness and individuality. The warm ingredients of the base make Rocha Man Intense a truly intense and enticing fragrance, which is liked, by men and women alike.

Longevity and Sillage

Rochas Man Intense is a fragrance that is hard to forget and remains in the memory for a long time. The perfume is strong enough to last all day long and the wearer hardly feels the need to re apply the scent. Thus, the fragrance is both economical as a 100ml bottle lasts longer than you expect meanwhile the fragrance also helps the wearer make a great impression on others.

Rochas Man Intense by the house of Rochas is an elegant, suave, intense, warm and refreshing fragrance that can be worn to any occasion at any time of the day. This invigorating fragrance is sure to earn you many admirers and will help you stand out of the crowd of other ordinary fragrances. Be it a party or an office meeting, Rochas Man Intense is the right fragrance for every occasion, warm, fresh and inviting, it will surely make heads turn .


The Perfume is Note to Note similar to Bond No. 9's New Haarlem But comes at 1/10th Price. Infact it is Done by Same Perfumer.


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