Unboxing - Rochas Lui Reviewed - A Discontinued Gem!

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A Fresh and Citrus Woody Fragrance for Men by Rochas

Rochas Lui by the house of Rochas is one of the few unique fragrances for men that are individualistic and quiet different from other fragrances available in the market for men. Rochas Lui is a blend of fresh and citrusy extracts, which are energising and warm at the same time.

Launched in 2003, this incredible fragrance was designed by esteemed perfumers Amandine Marie and Michel Almairac. The fragrance has been a favourite among perfume lovers and has been admired by the loyal fans of the designer house Rochas and perfume lovers alike.

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A Beautiful Blend of Exuberant Elements

Rochas Lui is a blend of elements like neroli, cedar wood, sycamore wood, lemon, amber, musk and vanilla. The presence of many citrusy and refreshing notes make the scent a fresh and light one however, the base of the scent provides the necessary depth and gravity to the other airy notes thereby making it a complete and balanced fragrance.

Rochas Lui is a unique fragrance and is thus sure to get the wearer noticed as the unique and incredible fragrance of Rochas Lui attracts the attention and admiration of all. Rochas Lui can be worn to any occasion as its elegant and fresh aroma brings out the best in the personality of the wearer and makes him shine bright among the crowd of other fragrances.

Light, Refreshing and Citrusy Top Notes

The head of Rochas Lui is made up primarily of lemon, neroli and cedar wood. The presence of two strong citrusy elements make the head of the scent full of zing and freshness, however the zing from the neroli and lemon is balanced by the warmth of cedar wood which perfectly balances the airy and light elements neroli and lemon.

Thus, the first whiff of the scent boosts the energy levels and the wearer feels as if he has been hit by a storm of lemony freshness. While the neroli and lemon energise the wearer, the cedar wood prevents the effects of the two elements from overwhelming the entire scent and thus balances their impact with its warmth and subtlety.

Woody Heart Notes

Rochas Lui by Rochas is a unique fragrance in many ways. Where on one hand it is composed of various refreshing elements, on the other hand it has a heart made up of entirely woody notes, which is unlike most other fragrances that have a base made up of woody notes. The heart of the scent is composed of bison grass, cedar wood and sycamore wood.

As the top notes fade away, the heart notes make their appearance and the appearance of woody notes after such fresh notes make the fragrance smell like a strong cologne. It appears as if the lemon and neroli has faded away and all that is left is the stale smell of the woods. However, this stale smell is not unpleasant rather it adds to the exoticness of the scent and makes it unlike any other.

 Warmth of The Base Notes

The base of the fragrance is made up of vanilla, patchouli and amber, which gives the scent a warm and soothing undertone. The presence of vanilla and patchouli in the base balances the effect of the airy lemon and neroli and also make the scent warmer and more inviting. The base notes also help in increasing the longevity of the scent.

Longevity and Silage

Due to its uniqueness, Rochas Lui by Rochas is a fragrance that is hard to forget and it stays on the mind of whoever comes in contact with it. The fragrance lasts practically all day long and the wearer does not feel the need to re apply the scent however, the top notes of the scent fade away quiet quickly but the heart and base notes increase the longevity of the scent. The fragrance is thus economically viable as it lasts very long.

Rochas Lui by Rochas is as exotic and unique as it sounds and promises a fragrance like none other. It can be worn to any occasion and at any time of the day and the wearer be sure to be showered with compliments and attention. Be it a party or an office lunch Rochas Lui is your perfect partner and will enhance your personality and make you shine.


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