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Hugo Red by Hugo Boss for Men


A Fragrance with a Blend of Hot and The COOL

Hugo Red by Hugo Boss was launched in 2013 and is liked by many fragrance lovers and ardent fans of the fragrances by Hugo Boss. The fragrance was designed with an aim to combine the hot and cold and present a fragrance that perfectly symbolises the modern man who is a full of the heat of youth and is funny and easy going at the same time. The fragrance is unparalleled and encourages you to unleash your bold side.  It is packaged in a striking red coloured metal bottle with a black cap. The bottle itself symbolises the combination of hot and cold as the colour red symbolises heat while the metal itself is cold to touch.

The Mysterious Effect of the Fragrance

The fragrance is a combination of unique ingredients including rhubarb, grapefruit, pink pepper, amber, cedar wood, galbanum, pineapple etc. These ingredients make the fragrance a peculiar blend of spicy and oriental extracts, which create a scent that energises you and attracts all kinds of attention. Hugo Red is a passionately hot yet stylishly cool fragrance that can e worn to an office meeting or to a night at the club and the fragrance will complete your personality with ease and smoothness.

Oriental and Fruity Top Notes

The top notes of the fragrance are made up of the extracts of grapefruit, pink pepper and galbanum. Any of these ingredients are not citrusy and thus the head of the fragrance does not give you a blast of energy yet the grapefruit provides a fresh fruity essence to the scent. The pink pepper and galbanum add a little spark of freshness and masculinity to the scent. The head of the fragrance is thus not very refreshing yet it has a crisp and strong effect on the wearer. The first whiff of the fragrance gives you a strong and masculine scent with a hint of sharp and crisp freshness. Thus, the head notes are the 'hot' element of the fragrance.

Smooth Heart Notes

The heart notes of the fragrance do not provide much transition yet are crucial to the fragrance. The heart of the fragrance is made up of rhubarb, pineapple and cedar. Rhubarb plays the main role in the heart of the scent and provides a smooth floral yet deep fragrance to Hugo Red. The cedar adds a hint of masculinity to the heart while the pineapple counter balances the depth from the rhubarb and the cedar and prevents the scent from being too deep and overpowering. The heart of the fragrance is thus deep and smooth and will keep you smelling excellent even when the top notes fade away.

Woody Base Notes

The base of the fragrance, as any other masculine fragrance has cedar wood and amber. However, what makes Hugo Red different from other masculine scents is the presence of Tonka beans in the base. The cedar wood and amber impart their characteristic masculinity to the fragrance but the exotic Tonka beans make the base of the fragrance 'cool'. The presence of such an unusual ingredient in the base completely transforms the fragrance and makes it completely different from any other masculine fragrance present in the market.

Longevity and Silage

Due to the presence of strong notes, Hugo Red lasts practically all day long and a 125ml bottle lasts a long time. The user does not usually feel the need to re apply yet it is an extremely economical fragrance too. Hugo Red hypnotises the olfactory sense and is sure to stay on the mind of everyone you meet for a long time. People will surely remember you for your strong and alluring fragrance and you are sure to make a great impact on anyone you meet.

Should you go for it?

Hugo Red is a fragrance that challenges you to unleash your bold side and be cool and hot at the same time. The scent is a perfect companion for daytime lunches, dinner dates, and office meetings, night at the club or a trekking trip with friends. The fragrance is strong and powerful and perfectly complements the two sides of your personality, hot, suave, intelligent, powerful and fun loving, witty, humorous, caring and off course charming. 

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