Unboxing- Jacomo Silences Black

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Jacomo Silences Black

A Fresh Floral Fragrance with A Long Lasting Aura

Reminds Me Of: Chanel No. 19

This floral green fragrance for women was launched by Jacomo in the year 1978 and is a significant fragrance for the urban woman with glamour and style. This floral fragrance reflects the passion and inner-strength in a woman. The sparkling blend of its fragrant notes brings refreshment and energy that keeps you going throughout the day.


The prominent presence of this floral scent is felt for a long time spreading an enchanting aroma. This feminine fragrance reflects the intensity and sensuality of a cosmopolitan woman who can perfectly blend the fragrance with her elegance.


An Intriguing Fragrance for Women


Jacomo Silences Black is a floral green fragrance from the fashion house of Jacomo intended to add to the allure of women with a gracious and charming personality. This floral scent depicts the confidence and the intensity of a woman who is sophisticated yet does not shy away from adventure. This floral fragrance reflects the sensuality and the passion in an urban woman to the hilt. It is perfect for special evening occasion. The captivating floral accords of this fragrance reflect the modernity in women, in its full glory.


The Opulent Blend of Top Notes


The top notes open with the floral accords of orange blossom, galbanum, bergamot, lemon, green notes, and cassia. The top note however, being the first layer of the fragrance can be felt as soon as it is applied on the body.


This brilliant floral fragrance invokes the sensuality in you and it brings a refreshing and rejuvenated feeling to the body. It brings tranquility to your mind and keeps you feeling lively and energetic all through the day. It depicts your confidence and the vigor in you. This mesmerizing fragrance will grab the attention of everyone in your surroundings and reflect your individuality among the mass.


The Delightful Blend of Heart Notes


The fascinating  blend of heart notes open with the sensuous blend of of iris, jasmine, narcissus, hyacinth, rose and lily-of-the-valley. Unfurling like a delicate flower, it will slowly captivate the attention of not only your senses but also of those around you. This fragrance keeps you energetic and with its fascinating aura, adds to your attraction quotient. The alluring scent of this perfume comes with a blast of freshness and will keep you rejuvenated and revitalized for a long time with its unique aroma.


The Appealing Base Notes


The ultimate layering of a fragrance is it's base note which is the soul of a fragrance and it opens with the pleasant scent of vetiver, musk, sandalwood, oak moss, cedar and ambrette . The musk and sandalwood provide a long lasting refreshing fragrance keeping you feeling upbeat irrespective of the hectic office life.


Make heads turn, when you enter a work party, even straight from work. Unlike most other perfumes in its range, it does not vanish away with the ticking of the clock. Rather, like wine, this fragrance is at its best as it gets older.


Longevity and Sillage


Offering unbeatable silage that can last up to 12 hours without requiring a re-application, Jacomo Silences sure is a perfume to die for. Be the pulse of the party when you smell fresh and elusive even after toiling hard at work all day. After all, who said that the parties were for the weekends? With the graceful and strong silage of this perfume, you can prove that you do not need a weekend to let your hair loose and make hearts stop just by walking people by.


With a moderately fair silage, this perfume is never too overpowering and never wears you down. When you wear Jacomo Silences, it is you that wears the perfume and not the perfume that wears you.


The Perfume for Modern Women


Jacomo Silences Black is a classic floral scent by Jacomo that reflects the essence of femininity and adds to your adorability. This feminine fragrance is an excellent combination of freshness and energy that defines the individuality of a woman. It is truly a precious possession of the glamorous cosmopolitan woman, and a must-have for your closet.


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