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Lalique Encre Noir For men

A Truly Niche Quality Fragrance at Price of Designer Fragrance.

Lalique Encre Noir- A Hymn to Vetiver


This fragrance by Lalique is indeed for the Vetiver lovers. In addition, those who have not yet tried it should go this particular one. It is Smokey and dark intended to arouse the unlit darker side of you. It has a depth and quality of that of a dense, deep dark forest. The fragrance sometimes reminds of the smell of old wet trunk covered in the moss. Lalique Encre Noir is primarily a Vetiver fragrance, using all of its aspects in its composition. It may seem linear initially but the complex facets of the woods are revealed at the dry down. A complete must for those who like to leave their signature behind and make their presence felt to the audience.


Smoky Top Notes


The opening notes of the Lalique Encre Noir are contained to a single scent of that of cypress. It gives the smoky, pungent, pine like spicy scent at the start. It triggers the mystery of the dark woods. The top notes connect and gel with the heart notes very well hence making the fragrance seem linear at once. There is no distinct presence of cypress in the overall scent as the meeting with vetiver at the centre makes it vetiver’s long lost ally. Cypress becomes functional in setting out the mood and background of long yearned dark night waiting the meeting of its lovers.


Dry and Musty Heart Notes


After the cypress conjoins vetiver in the heart it is the vetiver and vetiver only to run around your nose. Nevertheless, the fragrance is not too pungent or forcing on the people around. The revelation of heart notes is a slowed down process and it comes forward gradually after the smokiness fades just like a secret being unfolded after long being stored inside the heart. Along with the dryness and mustiness that vetiver offers, it exuberates romance and comfort with its bitter chocolate facets. The cursory romance matures and takes full shape like that of a full moon in base notes.


Musky Woody Base Notes


At the base notes of Lalique Encre Noir stands the Musk and Cashmeran Wood, the classic combination to give the final close to the enigmatic fragrance. The warm and sensual musk makes the sensuality of a man come to the fore and take a lead. Our man, who has now learnt how to express his heart, moves ahead and takes the charge.  The vetiver carried forward to the dry down gets mingled with the woody-musky notes and creates an aura of the mysterious depth and darkness to a man’s character.


Longevity and Sillage

Longevity and sillage are good, two sprays and it stays for long hours. The smell of smoke, which is dark and woody, stays long into the nostrils. After the smoke fades away vetiver and wood comes forward, recedes and then comes forward. This fades slowly over hours and then musk takes it over with hint of vetiver and woods. Being primarily a vetiver fragrance it keeps its scent all through and lasts very long. Hence, it makes Lalique Encre Noir worry free in terms of longevity and sillage.

Lalique Encre Noir A Scent for the Confident and the Relaxed

Hinting at the smell of dark forest, damp soil, earth or dirt, wet paint or wet ink etc., Lalique Encre Noir, aims at giving scented image of a confident and relaxed man who is modern and has control on himself. The beautiful bottle look alike of an old inkpot gives the shape to the idea of a subtle, solid and mature man. Black indeed is the colour for the formal and serious mettle. The fragrance caters to the smooth, smoky and sultry side of a man, which needs an expression to vent out. The composition of the woody and musky notes clearly indicates the wet and dark side of the man, which is a sensual indicator for those who like it to be wild and passionate but in control. 


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