Dolce By Dolce and Gabanna For Women Review by Adithi

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Dolce By Dolce and Gabanna : Reviewed


The first perfume that I ordered off of here was Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana. So, it is only fitting that my first review here is on the same! I was very skeptical when I first placed the order, to be frank. But, BOY was I in for a pleasant shock! It arrived, fairly soon, might I add, and it was in fact, the original, cue drum-roll! I couldn't believe what I had in my hands! This beautiful bottle, with its amazing white flowered cap, which basically tells you what the juice inside is going to smell like, is basically a work of art, in my opinion! But I am sure you would agree that what actually matters is what's inside the bottle, because that's what we are paying for, right? Let me tell you that the bottle, which is AH-MAY-ZING, does not, in any way, do justice to the glorious fragrance it houses! Because it LITERALLY smells like you are walking through a garden, filled with fragrant white flowers that are in full bloom, after it has freshly rained. I shrieked in joy as the fragrance had completely transported me to a place that I had never been to, but my imagination was feeling home-y at! Which is AWESOME, if you ask me, because I got home that day, from what I can only describe as a day straight from hell, because I work for Satan. So, you can imagine. 

Let's be real, we all get influenced. Especially with YouTube! I saw the commercial for Dolce and without even thinking about it, or reading any reviews about it online, I ordered it. It was basically a blind-buy! And I am so happy that I took an impulsive decision like this! The advertisement for Dolce has the protagonist "Lia" standing in a wonderful Sicilian orange grove, near an actual WALL of, white flowers! The commercially is very tastefully done, which is what you would expect from the house of Dolce & Gabbana!

Now onto the notes. Fragrantica, the website where I spend most of my free time, tells me that Dolce opens with Neroli leaf and Papaya flower; the rare and supposedly used in a perfume for the first time, amaryllis flower along with narcissus and white water lily forming the heart, with cashmere and musk at the base. I am no expert at smelling all these notes separately, but I am training, if you could even call it that! When I first sprayed it, it was a burst of citrusy freshness, with a tart edge. The citrus part being Neroli and the Papaya giving it the tartness. Which means my nose is good! Jokes apart, once the initial freshness starts to mellow, you can smell the white flowers. My oh my, how good it smells! It stayed on my skin for a good 6 hours, after which I had to put my nose to my wrist to smell it, where I could sense a very faint bit of the heart along with this soft and comforting feeling of musk!

If, like me, you are a fan of florals/fresh scents, you NEED this in your life! Even if you aren't, I would suggest you give this a try, because it may just change your mind! If I had to rate it, I would give it an 8 out of 10.


The Review is Written By Adithi Satagopachari - Passionate Content Writer with a background in Engineering, and a connoisseur of all things beautiful, obsessed with fragrances.


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