When Does a Perfume Expires

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These are some of common basic question we have come across many people on daily basis :

When does a Perfume Expires?

Does a Perfume Smells Badif its too old?

Are perfume sold at huge Discounts are Expired? 

The Symbol Represents that the product should be used within 12 months after Opening or First Use.


How long can I keep my perfume before it goes bad? 

To Answer all the above question below is Excellent Explanation:


Here's the answer from the experts, Luca Turin & Tania Sanchez, from perhaps the best book out there about fragrance, Perfumes: The A-Z Guide:

That depends on the perfume; a small number of perfumes seem to take a turn for the worse after a couple of years, but the majority we have collected seem to have no expiration date. If you want your perfumes to last long, protect them fromlight. Visible light consists of photons with energy high enough to break chemical bonds. You will notice that your perfume has a slight brown color, which means it absorbs light. A perfume kept in bright sunlight may be photochemicallytoasted in as little as a week. A perfume kept in dim light or darkness could last two hundred years. If you’re not going to use up your fragrance quickly, save it from the light. 

Keep in mind that perfumes do evolve in the bottle. Most of the evolution happens the first few days after the formula is mixed. This is known as maceration. Good houses never bottle perfumes before that process has settled down, but you may notice that things are still changing for a while after purchase. In fact, although there is no doubt that fragrance houses frequently change the formula and then swear on their grandmothers’ graves that they did not, you may find that a new bottle smells somewhat different from your old bottle not because of a drastic reformulation but because the new bottle is fresh. Very old fragrances, even when well kept, tend to darken and develop a nail-varnish smell, which fortunately fades minutes after you put it on skin. If you make sure you give the perfume time to breathe before inflicting it on others, usually you can happily wear fragrances that at first sniff seem past their prime. 

(p. 40; Penguin Group; 2008-04-10; Kindle Edition.)

We here at Unboxed.In consider that Perfume should be used within 36 Months after First Use.


The Topic is Very Subjective in Nature , We have seen Vintage Bottles costing thrice as much as there lable price and there Expiry date have crossed decades ago.

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