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31/05/2016 1 Comment(s)

Unboxing - Dior Homme Intense

About the Author : Sandeep Ray is based out of Delhi and has Passion for Music and Fragrances , With over 40 Fragrances in his Arsenal Dior Homme Intense holds a Special Place.


House : Christian Dior


Perfumer : Francois Demachy.


DHI - The Undisputed Champion of fragrances.


Christian Dior is the pioneer of some really sophisticated fragrances.


This is a predecessor of Dior Homme which started it all- that chalky lip sticky 'Iris' Note, which is the DNA of all the Homme line by Dior. Certainly a 'compliment' machine in a classy way. This is not your everyday perfume, you put this on when you dress to kill.


Fancois Demachy exactly knew what he wanted out of this blend, the juice speaks of precision and craft of sheer 'Masterpiece'.


The idea of developing a juice of dark, sensual and seductive characteristics is skillfully done here.


The opening of lavender and Iris note with a rum and boozy kind of feel is enough to grab your attention.


Meanwhile this keeps on developing with your body's chemistry and iris gets more pronounced giving whiffs of wonderfully crafted 'Amberette' which just makes the whole juice warm with its elegant sweetness.


This is an attention grabber for sure without being too loud staying in the parameters of class and sophistication. A very Masculine blend which which certainly uplifts your personality in all walks.


This juice oozes the color 'black' much like the design of its bottle and has its own 'Grey' side as well.


DHI offers you a very distinctive smell than the other mainstream designer offerings in the market.


Its 'Unique' and at the same time mature and mass appealing. Perfect for Date Nights,Work, Meetings, Dinners and all other important events of your life.


Especially when you are trying to impress someone.


Ratings :

Smell : 10/10


Performance : 10/10 8hrs+


Sillage : 8/10


Projection : 9/10 4hrs+



Sounds Interesting Right , Try a Sample Today from Here.

1 Comment(s)

Nikhil Sharan:
02/06/2016, 11:44:32 AM,

Superb review of a really popular frag. It is a powerful weapon. Iris is off putting for me but Sandeep has described this really nicely. - Nikhil Sharan is a Perfume Vlogger Watch Nikhil's Video Reviews Here:

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