Unboxing - Davidoff Hotwater For Men

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Davidoff Hot Water for Men


A Passionate and Strong Fragrance for Men by Davidoff


Hot Water is one of the most popular fragrances for men by the house of Davidoff. Shortly after its launch, this strongly sensual scent attracted many, becoming a favourite of perfume lovers. The fragrance is a complex mix of just a few ingredients yet it exhibits variety and is famous for its transition from ' cool to hot'.

The Mysterious Aura of Hot Water

Hot Water is a peculiar mix of a handful of extracts such as absinth, patchouli, benzoin, syntrax, pimento and red basil. Such a mix results into a fragrance that is strong and attractive and symbolises the modern man who is unique and stands out in the crowd. Hot Water by Davidoff too stands out in the crowd of other masculine fragrances as it uses ingredients that have never been put to use before thereby creating a concoction that is like no other and yet accomplishes its aim of making you feel like a the king.

The benzoin and syntrax of the fragrance gives it the peculiar strong masculine undertone, which is quite different from the masculine undertone imparted by the use of leather and whisky by other fragrances. On the other hand, the use of red basil and absinth makes the head of the fragrance cool and refreshing. Hot Water is the perfect companion for your everyday routine and is sure to get you noticed.

Cool and Refreshing Top Notes

The head of the fragrance is a curiously unique mix of just two dominant ingredients namely: absinth and red basil. Due to these two ingredients, Hot Water opens on a cool and refreshing note and later transforms into a passionately alluring fragrance. The absinth and red basil work as kick-starters for the olfactory senses and thus rejuvenates your mind and body. The first whiff of the fragrance will give you a boost of freshness and enthusiasm, this freshness helps to get you ready for the day ahead and instils a sense of energetic exuberance. Just a few dabs on the pulses will keep you smelling fresh and lively and will make the people around you the same.

Soothing Heart Notes

Hot Water is famous for its transition from 'cool to hot' and thus the heart notes are transitory in nature. The heart of the fragrance is made up of mainly patchouli and pimento, which make a soothing heart. The heart notes of the fragrance are not refreshingly cool neither sensuously hot but provide a smooth transition from cool to hot. The patchouli brings down the effect of absinth and red basil while the pimento makes the fragrance smooth and sensuous. When the top notes wear off, the heart notes appear and continue the effect of the fragrance.

Hot and Strong Base Note

The appearance of the base notes completely transforms the fragrance from a cool refreshing one to a hot and passionate one. The base is made up of strong extracts of benzoin and syntrax, which make the base strongly masculine and sensuously elegant. The base of the fragrance gives a strong undertone to the entire scent and makes it a characteristic passionate fragrance. Hot Water thus becomes a fiery masculine fragrance that asserts itself upon others and grabs their attention. 

Longevity and Silage

Hot Water lasts all day long and transforms in accordance with the needs of the hours of the day. Just a few dabs last all day long and one does not feel the need to apply the fragrance gain. The fragrance is thus very economical and a 60ml bottle lasts longer than your expectation.

Hot Water is sure to stay on the mind of whomever you meet and is sure to help you make a powerful first impression. The fragrance grows on everyone around you and attracts them to it. The fragrance is so powerful that it takes a long time for one to get over it.

Should you go for it?

Hot Water by Davidoff is a unique sensual yet passionate fragrance fit for a charming, sophisticated yet fun loving man. The fragrance will complement your personality and fits in almost all occasions ranging from business meeting and lunches to dinner parties and night parties with friends. With Hot Water, you are sure to make heads turn.


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