Unboxing - Azahar By Adolfo Dominguez

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Azahar Adolfo Dominguez for women

Carry the essence of summer with you


In Spanish, Azahar denotes an orange blossom, and it is poetic brilliance. The stemming from orange flowers is quite brilliant as we are instantly transported to the South of Spain and its breathtaking landscapes. Add to that scenic long beaches, pueblos blancas, and its Arabic heritage along with Gitano folklore. This fragrance does more than remind you of the exotic flavors of spring; it transports you through the streets of Cadiz, Cordoba, Jerez and Granada. It encapsulates the best of French and Spain Riviera’s within a small bottle. The ultimate combination of orange blossoms and woody essence, makes this fragrance an ideal compliment for women.


Fragrance Notes that titillate with your senses


Azahar is an ideal compliment to summer and spring as it begins with a zesty orange and citrus whiff ,which is nothing short of being refreshing and pleasant. This natural invigorant later gives room for a soft neroli that is not that powerful when it blends with floral notes. This later settles down to a sweet general impression. 


A blend of delicious fragrances- The top notes


Enjoy the best of spring with a citrus tinge that emanates through the orange flowers, the orange treebark, its leaves and the neroli. Add to that the bergamot that truly makes it shine as it evokes light and sun bringing out a fresh spring top note. Azahar is literally a fragrance that pumps you for best of summer and spring. For those who love to add a zest of orange in their home recipes or in anything that is floral and beautiful, let the zest of orange kick-start your day.


If you have ever visited the French and Spanish Riviera or even if you have not, taking a whiff of the Azahar can transport you to those beautiful visions, in an instance. For those who have struggled from a long flight or are looking to start afresh, Azahar can literally titillate your senses to a bright morning. The light and bouncy notes can rev you up for fresh challenges like a magic potion.


Celebrate your feminine beauty with a soft fragrance- The heart notes


Imagine waking up to an orange grove that is lined with grapefruit trees and soft white roses. This fragrance brings out the essence of these fields. From the top notes to the base notes, the fragrance adds the essence of spring within its zesty orange aromas. Your olfactory senses will not fail you, as you feel transported to those orange groves. It is the ideal compliment to every women, who embodies strength and beauty. 


From the busy working woman to the struggling stay-at-home mom, this fragrance is the break that most are looking for in their busy lives. It is not always possible to take a break and visit the South of Spain. Nevertheless, with the essence of Southern Spain within the palms of your hands, such a vision is not very impossible. Apart from bringing the allure of Southern Spain, the perfume exudes the best of feminine beauty. Its soft and subtle notes are light, yet vibrant enough for all those who are looking for a flowery fragrance. It is an ideal compliment for all women who are looking to gain their essence from orange flowers.


The Sillage and Longevity


Most women need to carry accessories that compliment them, but there are very few that actually refresh them completely. Azahar does more that compliment feminine beauty; it accentuates it with its bold and soft tones that have a very moderately strong sillage. It is rare to see a perfume that has such brilliant and strong ingredients yet is modest when it comes to sillage, and Azahar is one such rarity.


As the top orangey tones fade away in the course of the day, the woody essence begins to emerge. Thus, bringing a sense of earthy brilliance to the fragrance that lasts a while. It’s more than pep up for those looking to start each day with a fresh note, this fragrance gives each woman, a perfect platform to begin with. The sillage is pretty and lasts a while allowing that sense of freshness to remain.


Should you go for it?


A fragrance that brings a sense of fresh, calm, clean and light moments to all those who wear them, Azahar is uniquely popular for these notes. A hint of the French and Spanish Riviera is all that you need to begin your day or even at the middle of a day. Complimenting oneself with a perfume that exudes beauty and confidence can take you a long way throughout the day.



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