Unboxing - Ange ou Etrange By Givenchy

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Givenchy Ange Ou Etrange

* Ange ou Etrange is Marketed as Ange ou Demon is US, Europe and other Western Countries.

Pep your personality with sparkling notes

A woman’s fragrance has never been as versatile as the Ange Eu Etrange from the Givenchy house. Right from the bottle that is designed by the expert artist Serge Mansau, the fragrance opens up into a rhapsody that captivates you. From a cool, attractive looking bottle, to a whiff of this exquisite perfume, there is no denying that the potential of the perfume moves beyond being a mystery.

Its girlish exterior reveals intoxicating fragrances that lie within the bottle from floral endeavors to fruity crescendos. Take this bottle of perfume as the ideal companion that you want to take along with you when you have to impress anyone. Don’t hesitate to express the mysterious aspects of your personality. This exceptional fragrance has the potential to reveal your beauty in more ways than ever.

Top notes that accentuate your inner beauty

When it comes to extremely creative top notes, there is nothing more enigmatic than the Givenchy Ange Ou Etrange. This EDT has the capability of transporting you to a fruit heaven. Enriching your senses with its fruity extravaganza in the beginning, you are literally refreshed from the beginning itself. You almost feel as though you are transported into a garden of lilies and oranges. The heightened freshness of the top notes lingers on, as the heart, notes gradually reveal themselves.

Lasting floral bliss as heart notes

Lily of the valley and heliotrope are by far, the most enigmatic fragrances that anyone can find. As the top notes gradually move onto its floral crescendos, there is no denying that the perfume has an overpowering effect on you and those around you. Its fruity elegant tones shift onto mild tones of the floral fragrances. This exquisite French elegance is perhaps only present in a few of the Givenchy’s masterpieces. Don’t hesitate to bring out the best of yourself with this fragrance as the lasting power of the fragrance moves on throughout the day with strong base notes.

Base notes that bind the other notes

Not only does Patchouli magically combine the blissful elegance of this perfume, but it manages to elegantly encapsulate the essence of the remaining notes. Apart from being a refreshing fragrance, the woody notes at the end of the day, make you feel confidant and sophisticated. Therefore, elegance and sophistication combined, this fragrance manages to capture the heart and soul of every woman’s allure.

Ensuring that the woman of today has her companion

Not all woman find their companion in a fragrance, it is often quite difficult to choose from the best of the best fragrances. Yet, Givenchy has manages to captivate woman with a fragrance that binds the heart of what women need, what they are looking for. Not only do women need a companion that accentuates their beauty, but they also need something that binds the best of their personality together.

This is the best way in which women can accentuate their inner beauty and confidence, throughout the day. Taking the best of the best fragrances from the rest of the world, it is often very difficult to feel refreshed as well. Yet the Ange Ou Etrange not only refreshes you but also manages to revive you to take on the challenges for the rest of the day. It is one of those fragrances that let you express the best of yourself for the rest of the day. Not only that, you have the ability to express you unique character and your style. Don’t hesitate to let everyone be bedazzled by your inner elegance.

The woman of today who wants the world at her feet

With upcoming challenges and competitions around you, the world and its people do not make it any easier for you to strive higher. Not only that, you cannot easily express your inner feminine style or elegance by merely accessorizing with makeup. Very often, makeup and beauty enhancements fail to capture the essence of a woman’s beauty and her unique personality.

It is often that essential fragrance that captivates people around you and allows people to see the real you from deep within. Adorn your finest dress and your best makeup for a party, event, or even a candid night with a loved one. Don’t forget to wear this fragrance as it will be the companion that will never fail to show your true brilliance and single out your perfection from amongst the rest.



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