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A*Men Pure Malt Thierry Mugler for Men

Before we Start the Review I would like to say that , A Men Pure Malt is a hard to find fragrance now a days. Grab it wherever you find it without any second thoughts.

Also There are 2 Versions Pure Malt 2009 and Pure Malt Creation 2013 , Both are Equally good and there is Barely any Diffrence.

A*Men Pure Malt, Smoothness added

A*Men Pure Malt as the name suggests, is all about malty smoothness, it complements the caramel undertones of the A*Men. The fragrance revolves around the main component of malt giving it flavour of the whiskey and beer yet it evens it out with the very manly woody and oriental notes, creating a lasting note symbolic of the conceptual A*Men. The design is same as that of A*Men, a start darting out right from the very middle of the black bottle. Designed for elegance and stimulation it is recommended for eveningwear.


A Unique blend of Masculine scents

Being a tribute to the Scottish Whiskey, A*Men projects the key notes of whiskey and smoke. Both are considered extensions of men that add to their sensuality and masculinity. Pure Malt is rich, smooth and spicy setting a tone of maturity with a taste. The composition however keeps malt at the centre but is engulfed by woody and oriental notes. The fruity opening sets the statement of being open and receptive to all the good things of life!

Fruity Top Notes

A*Men Pure Malt opens with fruity notes creating a sweet citrusy aroma all around. It sends the opening up signals to the brain to take a leap into the scene and set the mood to rock the party. The fragrance ideal for the evening best suits the mood of any dinner date or flamboyant party. Before the malt shows its colour and essence, the fruits keep the wearer aware and attentive to the entire buzz, yet low on the visible thrill. This is the time when the upcoming sensuality of the malt and woods start overlapping the soft supple and juicy fruits.

Woodsy Smooth Heart Notes

The real desire lies in the heart and as the night matures, it comes out slowly and subtly. With the elegance and heroism passed from the A*Men DNA the Pure Malt exalts with the superimposing of alcoholic sweetness which makes it sugary and sticky scent, making it quite distinctive. This makes it a complete turn on and elevates the senses to the halt to take note of the admiring looks around. The woodsy notes make it all more enigmatic and tempting. The masculinity defined in the Pure Malt is a combination of sweet and dry both blended to give the edginess to the character of our man.

Peaty Oriental Base Notes

The peat, reminiscence of the dry, bitter, smoky flavour adds more malt like essence to the malt from the heart notes. It is a treat for the oriental lovers as the whole composition twined around the malt when is blended with the Oriental notes adds spicy flavour to the environment. It gives a gust of energy not only to the wearer but also to those around who feel moved and thrilled by the fragrance.

Longevity and Sillage

A*Men Pure Malt Thierry Mugler is an addition to the Thierry Mugler’s caramel A*Men, it adds the whiskey, peaty notes to making it more sensual and masculine.  Pure Malt is smooth and long lasting it stays for days drying down into deep and complex peat and oriental notes. By its very nature the spiciness of the oriental notes and complex peat is going to stay for long and mesmerise you and those around you. Even a single spray lasts long and there is apparently no need for another one. The sillage is extraordinary, as it will make you a head turner for sure.

A*Men Pure Malt – A Scent for the Man who keeps his promises

The flanker fragrance adds to the conceptual image of A*Men man with the assertiveness and hypnotic presence. It’s a treat of whiskey blended with the woody and oriental notes only to give you a pure malt experience. Peat further adds the smokiness and whisky nature to the fragrance making all the more appealing and something being craved for. The fragrance images the man of word, the one who is confident, assertive and as natural as his skin. He likes to take over the game and win his shot. A*Men Pure Malt, Thierry Mugler targets all those men who like to take the lead emphatically.


6 Comment(s)

27/10/2015, 12:15:02 PM

Absolutely a great fragrance

manoj tewari:
06/11/2015, 05:50:11 PM

certainly wd like to try.

manoj tewari:
06/11/2015, 05:51:22 PM

certainly wd look frwd fr it.

subhro banerjee:
09/12/2015, 04:53:24 PM

Will like to try this one as well.

29/02/2016, 12:33:25 AM

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Shashi Khana:
10/02/2016, 04:55:16 AM

Very good perfume its longlasting.Its best best product of Thierry Mugler.

19/01/2017, 02:04:04 AM

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