Unboxing - 212 VIP By Carolina Herrera

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Carolina Herrera 212 VIP for Men

An Exciting Fragrance for the Party Elite

212 VIP by Carolina Herrera is a perfect combination of charisma, fun, enthusiasm and sensuousness. Designed especially to complement the personality of a party elite, the one who is the VIP at every happening party of New York, 212 VIP is a unique blend of vodka, passion fruit, caviar lime, mint and ginger. The tag line of the fragrance says “Are You on the List?" and " This is a private party" indicating that the fragrance is meant to be worn by the exclusive and the elite. With the 212 VIP, you get to be the party.

The fragrance for the elite

212 VIP is a masculine scent but lacks the generic strong notes; however, it is a unique blend of elements that remind you of a fantastic night party in one of the most happening cities of the world, New York. Designed by esteemed perfumers Emilie Copperman and David Apel, 212 VIP is a cocktail of ingredients such as vodka, ginger, caviar lime, mint, leather, king wood etc and boosts your energy levels in an instant. The vodka, ginger and mint are sure to get you in the mood for party while the caviar lime will make you feel like an elite guest at the party. The amber, leather and king wood will provide you with sophistication, elegance and exuberance thereby making 212 VIP a perfect fit for the fun loving, charming and suave party animal.

Refreshingly Bright Top Notes

As a special elite guest of one of the most awaited party, one needs to smell extra charming and alluring. 212 VIP serves the purpose well as the very first whiff of the fragrance sets the mood for partying. The head of the fragrance is a blend of ingredients such as vodka, ginger and mint; the perfect ingredients for a cocktail. The fragrance will make you an instant hit and the life of the party. The top notes of the fragrance give you a boost of energy and get you in the mood to party.

Exotic Heart Notes

The heart of the fragrance is a curious mix of unusual ingredients like Caviar Lime, Chilled Vodka Zubrowska and Hot Ginger. The ingredients are unusual and are rare to come by thereby making the fragrance a unique and incomparable one. The heart notes appear when the top notes fade away and have the capacity to keep you smelling fresh and enigmatic amongst the high-energy party activities.

The heart notes add on to the initial aura created by the top notes and assert its presence more rigorously than the top notes. The strong effect of the Chilled Vodka Zubrowska combined with Hot Ginger and exquisite Caviar Lime make the heart of 212 VIP extremely charming and attractive, a scent that cannot be ignored and one cannot help but be drawn towards it.

Strong Masculine Base Notes

212 VIP is all about partying in New York and being the VIP guest at one of the exclusive private parties. The fragrance beautifully captures the pride and honour of an elitist while maintaining the fun and charm of a party lover. The base of the fragrance is made up of strong masculine extracts of leather, king wood and extreme amber giving the entire fragrance strong and masculine undertones. The strong base notes add to the endearing charm of the wearer and makes him all the more charming. The strong base notes also add to the longevity of the fragrance. 

Longevity and Silage

212 VIP is a strong fragrance that lasts for a long time and rarely needs re-application. Even during high-energy activities at a party, the fragrance holds its ground and keeps you smelling suave and alluring. The fragrance is thus quiet economical.  The fragrance is sure to keep you on the minds of many, as 212 VIP will leave an everlasting impact on their olfactory senses; it gets hard for people to forget such a strong yet charming fragrance.

Should you go for it?

212 VIP is a strong, charming, fun, energising, sophisticated, enigmatic and sensuous fragrance. It is a nighttime fragrance fit for the super stylish and fun loving party animal. So the next time when you step out for a party, wear 212 VIP and do not just be the life of the party but be the party itself!


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